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Parental Relocation Advocates in Fishers

Helping Divorced Parents Move Forward

Life after divorce can be a difficult transition period. But moving on with your life is always a step in the right direction. And if you plan on moving with your child to a new neighborhood, city, or state, the law requires you to consider the possible impact on your non-relocating former spouse. Our team of family lawyers at Massillamany Jeter & Carson can help you get through the legal process of moving out so you can move forward.

If you want to consult one of our Fishers family law advocates with experience in parental relocation issues, schedule a free consultation online with Massillamany Jeter & Carson.

We Can Help Prepare Your Relocation Notice

Once a divorce or paternity case is opened in an Indiana court, that court has continuing jurisdiction over the matter until it is transferred to another court. Indiana has strict guidelines regarding the relocation of parents.

Parents are required to file notice with the court anytime they move, even if it is within the same city. Generally, the notice of the intent to relocate is to be filed ninety (90) days prior to the relocation and must contain the following information:

  1. The address of the new residence;
  2. The home phone number of the new residence;
  3. Other applicable phone numbers associated with the relocating parent;
  4. The intended date of relocation;
  5. A brief statement of specific reasons for the relocation;
  6. A proposed revised schedule for parenting time or grandparent visitation;
  7. A statement that a parent must object to the relocation with the court no later than sixty (60) days after receiving notice;
  8. A statement that a non-relocating parent may file a petition to modify a custody, child support, parenting time, or grandparent visitation order.

We Can Handle Resulting Modification Proceedings

Parental relocation can give rise to the non-relocating party to file for a motion for modification of custody or parenting time through the court. When evaluating whether relocation warrants modifying a custody or parenting time order, the court will examine the following factors:

  • The distance involved between the old residence and the new residence;
  • Any resulting hardship on the non-relocating parent in exercising parenting time or grandparent visitation;
  • The feasibility of preserving the non-relocating parent’s relationship with their child;
  • Any established pattern of conduct exhibited by the relocating parent to interfere with the non-relocating parent’s relationship with their child;
  • The reasons offered by either parent supporting or objecting to relocation; or
  • Other factors regarding the child’s best interests.

If you are relocating, our family law attorneys at Massillamany Jeter & Carson will advocate your case to the court by showing that the move is in your child’s best interest. If you are a non-relocating parent, we can also articulate your case to the court that there should be a modification in the current parenting time arrangement.

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