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When a customer fails to pay for goods or services provided, a business has several options of how to go about collecting the debt. The business, known as “the creditor,” and the customer, known as “the debtor,” will often end up seeking legal services to settle their financial dispute. If you are a creditor seeking legal representation regarding a debt collection matter, there are a few things you should know when consulting with an attorney. The team of experienced Fishers debt collection attorneys at Massillamany Jeter & Carson LLP know how to help.

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FDCPA Debt Collection Laws

Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), a debt collector is someone who regularly collects debts owed to others. This includes collection agencies, lawyers who collect debts on a regular basis, and companies that buy delinquent debts to try and collect them. Not all debt collectors are subject to the Act. It does not apply to banks, other lenders, or businesses that collect their own accounts using their own names, nor does it cover them when they collect an isolated debt for another.

The FDCPA applies to debts such as:

  • Personal, family, and household debts
  • Personal credit cards
  • Auto loans
  • Medical bills
  • Mortgage

How Debtors Are Protected

The Federal Trade Commission prohibits debt collectors from using abusive, unfair, or deceptive practices to collect from debtors. Debt collectors can contact debtors by phone, letter, email, or text message to collect a debt so long as they follow the rules and disclose that they are debt collectors. No matter how they communicate with the debtor, it’s against the law for a debt collector to pretend to be someone else — like an attorney or government agency — or to harass, threaten or deceive the debtor.

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The attorneys and staff at Massillamany Jeter & Carson LLP are trained and experienced in adhering to the FDCPA and the Indiana Financial Institutions Act of 1933. Our FDCPA lawyers have handled over 6,000 cases a year throughout most of the counties in the State of Indiana and across the country. We have collected millions in recovery for our clients. Contact our Fishers debt collection lawyers by calling Massillamany Jeter & Carson LLP today.

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