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Accusations of domestic violence are issues that law enforcement have to consider very carefully. It is frustrating and alarming when you are taken into custody by police for allegations of domestic violence. You have to remember that, when the accusation is made, law enforcement is required to pursue the investigation even if the accuser retracts their claim. Your best course of action after the accusation is made is to contact a criminal defense lawyer.

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What is Domestic Violence & Domestic Battery?

Domestic violence is a very broad term in Indiana. You do not have to physically harm someone to be charged with domestic violence. Virtually any action that makes a family member feel unsafe could be considered domestic violence. In order for the crime to be considered “domestic”, the victim must be a family member, significant other, roommate, or someone you used to live with.

Types of Domestic Violence Charges

Offenses that could be charged as domestic violence in Indiana include:

  • Harassment
  • Criminal trespassing
  • Criminal confinement
  • Making threats or acting in a threatening manner
  • Kidnapping

What are the Penalties for Domestic Violence?

Domestic battery is the charge used when a person physically harms someone they currently or formerly lived with. Domestic battery is a misdemeanor that could lead to up to one year in jail and $5,000 in fines. If battery was committed in front of a child under 16 or the defendant had a prior domestic battery conviction then the crime is upgraded to a felony and could lead to up to three years in prison in addition to a $10,000 fine.

You Will Have Your Chance to Tell Your Side

It is understandably easy to lose your composure in these situations and fervently try to explain your side of things, but it is in your best interests to stay quiet for now. Anything you say to law enforcement, or anyone else for that matter, can be used against you in court. If you have been accused of domestic battery in Indiana, call our criminal defense lawyers in Fishers today. We will hear your side of things and can help you plan your legal defense.

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