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Reclaim Your Good Name through Legal Remedies

Once you are convicted of a crime, it goes on your record. For the most part, there is no way around that fact. However, some crimes do not need to remain on your visible record for life. At Massillamany Jeter & Carson LLP, we understand the strategies needed to help our clients get a fresh start following a criminal conviction. If you have a criminal record, call our Fishers post-conviction relief lawyer to begin rebuilding your life.

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Reasons for Securing Relief

Being convicted of a crime can cause a person to turn their life around. Oftentimes, those convicted were caught in a moment of irresponsibility that caused them to make major changes in order to avoid ever having it happen again. In some cases, their conviction was unconstitutional. Your ability to have your criminal record repaired depends on a number of factors.

Some reasons that justify post-conviction relief include:

  • Sentencing that exceeded the maximum allowable by law
  • New evidence that exonerates a person
  • Sentence expired
  • There was an error in the sentencing
  • Sentencing was unconstitutional
  • The court was out of its jurisdiction

Steps toward Relief

Once you have decided to make an appeal for post-conviction relief, you will first file for relief in the county in which you were convicted. Your appeal will be responded to within 30 days, after which you may ask for specific changes to be made, such as a different judge to hear your case if the previous one had a bias toward you. With an experienced attorney at your side, you will have a better understanding of what to expect and how to prepare.

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