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No-Contact Orders & Domestic Violence Cases

A restraining order and no-contact order might sound like they would be the same thing, however, there are major differences between these two types of court orders. While both are intended to provide protection to individuals who have been threatened, the filing costs, the duration of the order, and the consequences for violating its terms can vary.

What is a No-Contact Order?

A no-contact order is a criminal matter, and as a result, the person named in the order can’t have contact with the alleged victim. When you are accused of domestic violence or abuse, a prosecutor or law enforcement official will file a no-contact order with the court.

Common requirements of no-contact orders include:

  • The named individual can’t come within a certain distance of the victim
  • No physical contact between the person named in the order and the victim
  • The offender can’t enter the victim’s family home or residence
  • Offenders are prohibited from selling marital property

What are the Penalties for Violating a No-Contact Order?

Although the purpose of a no-contact order is designed to protect the victim from suffering further harm or intimidation, these orders might be enforced based on false accusations. That is why our legal professionals at Massillamany Jeter & Carson LLP are here to fight for the rights of our clients who have wrongfully been issued no-contact orders.

Possible consequences for violating a no-contact order include:

  • Expensive Fines
  • Loss of civil rights
  • Jail or prison time
  • Enforcement of an even stricter restraining order
  • Other criminal penalties

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