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Collaborative Law

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Many people see divorce as a long, drawn out, and hostile process. However, our Fishers family law attorneys at Massillamany, Jeter & Carson LLP are here to help make this process as smooth and successful as possible for our clients by using helpful alternatives, like collaborative law. Many divorces today do not go to court for litigation, but are instead decided in an open and mutually beneficial group setting. We would like to see if this sort of divorce alternative would work for you and your spouse.

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Benefits of Using Collaborative Law

Collaborative law practices create situations where both parties can come together, in the presence of their attorneys, to openly discuss the issues at hand. The process allows the parties to avoid the uncertainty that can come when a divorce case or custody case goes to court. No one really likes the idea of a judge making the final calls in such sensitive and private situations, after all. Through collaborative processes, both parties keep an open form of communication and this allows parties to prioritize problems as they see fit.

The top benefits of collaborative law for divorce cases include:

  • Less stress: Knowing you will have to go to court to make demands of your spouse in your divorce or family law case can cause serious anxiety. Collaborative law should greatly reduce your stress, and it minimizes the chances of getting into arguments.
  • Less time: If you and your spouse can work together towards your goals in divorce, then it can be assumed it will take overall less time to finalize your case.
  • Less money: As a general rule, the less time a legal case takes to complete, the less it will cost the parties involved. This is due to the fact that most attorneys will charge by the hour, and the court charges a fee each time you need to schedule a hearing. Collaborative law usually helps divorces end with only one court hearing, which is to get the paperwork approved by the court.
  • More control: As aforementioned, you and your spouse will definitely both enjoy the added control collaborative law gives you. Being able to work together towards a mutually-beneficial end will feel better than asking a judge to make the choice for you.

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Collaborative law is a practice that has been called the “No Court” divorce because your legal counsel may be able to act in your stead for the final court hearing, meaning you never step inside a courtroom. Attorney Amy O. Carson of Massillamany Jeter & Carson is specifically trained in collaborative law processes. Throughout her practice experience, she has successfully assisted clients through the collaborative law process, doing everything she can to make it as stress-free as possible along the way.

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