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Indiana recognizes two types of custody: physical custody and legal custody.

  • Physical custody is where the child will reside the majority of the time. It can be granted to one parent solely or to both parents jointly.
  • Legal custody is who will make the major decisions for the child, primarily regarding education, religion and health-related matters. Like physical custody, the court can award legal custody to one parent solely or both parents jointly.

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How Indiana Determines Child Custody

In Indiana, the courts use the “best-interest-of-the-child” standard when making custody decisions. Courts are to consider eight (8) factors when determining what is in the child’s best interest. These eight factors are as follows:

  1. age and sex of the child;
  2. wishes of the child’s parent(s) and the child, with more consideration given if the child is over 14 years of age;
  3. the interactions and interrelationships of the child with the parent(s), siblings and any other person who may significantly affect the child’s best interest;
  4. the child’s adjustment to the home, school and community;
  5. the mental and physical health of all individuals involved;
  6. evidence of any history or pattern of domestic violence by either parents; and
  7. whether the child has been primarily cared for by a third-party.

Parenting Time

In Indiana, we call visitation with a child “parenting time.” Indiana’s legislature has guidelines that are often adopted, in whole or in part, in many family law matters. Indiana’s Parenting Time Guidelines can be found at: After the court determines custody of the child, it will establish parenting time for the non-custodial parent. Courts prefer that the parties agree upon a parenting time schedule between themselves, but if that is not possible, the courts can order the non-custodial parent to exercise parenting time pursuant to the guidelines.

In high-conflict situations, parties may request, and the court may appoint, a private Custody Evaluator to assist in determining custody and parenting time that is in the child’s best interest. A private Custody Evaluator is generally a psychologist or licensed mental health professional who will conduct mental health testing and interviews and provide recommendations based on his or her findings to the court in the form of a report. There are other professionals that may be engaged throughout your custody and/or parenting time matter, including Guardian ad Litems and Parenting Coordinators.

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