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Disorderly Conduct

Defense for Alcohol-Related Offenses in Indiana

Were you out having a few drinks with friends when things got out of hand? Before you knew it, were you placed in handcuffs and charged with disorderly conduct? During such a confusing time, you need a criminal defense team you can rely on. You’ll want Massillamany Jeter & Carson LLP!

Our Fishers disorderly conduct lawyers are ready to stand by your side and at your defense when accused of an alcohol-related offense, such as disorderly conduct. It is our passion to be the voice for criminal defendants throughout Fishers and beyond. It is our drive to secure the best possible case outcome for you.

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Misdemeanor Charges for Disorderly Conduct in Indiana

For the most part, disorderly conduct will be charged as a Class B misdemeanor under Indiana law. You could be facing up to 180 days in jail and a $1,000 fine if convicted of a Class B misdemeanor. To avoid these penalties, you will have to prove you were not engaging in disorderly conduct, which begins with understanding how Indiana defines it.

Disorderly conduct is defined as any behavior or action that:

  • Disrupts a lawful assembly, such as interrupting a public gathering
  • Creates unreasonable amounts of noise, even after being asked to cease
  • Starts or engages in a fight
  • Causes or could cause seriously injury or property damage

Simply being intoxicated and having a good time with your friends is not disorderly conduct. We may want to center our defense on showing that your actions were misinterpreted or exaggerated by those around you.

When Disorderly Conduct Becomes a Felony

Indiana allows disorderly conduct to escalate to a Level 6 felony in two very specific situations. The first being if you were arrested for disorderly conduct in an airport and in a way that disrupted airport security personnel. The second being if you were arrested within 500 feet of a burial or funeral and your actions interrupted the services being conducted. If you are convinced of felony disorderly conduct, you could be slammed with 30 months in prison and $10,000 in fines.

High Stakes Require Serious Representation

Call (317) 434-1490 right away if you have been accused of disorderly conduct. The penalties are simply too steep to leave your case up to chance and the “mercy” of the court. Count on our Fishers disorderly conduct attorneys for your criminal defense strategy and representation instead.

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