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Dog Bites & Animal Attacks in Indiana

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Americans everywhere own a family dog; and these pets often become more like members of the family. However, not all dogs and pets are as friendly as they look; some are even vicious and known to attack humans.

Individuals have rights that protect them from harmful incidents that may involve a dog or any other domesticated animal. Sadly, most victims of dog bites and animal attacks are our young children. Injuries sustained in these types of incidents tend to be physical harm and psychological damage.

At Massillamany Jeter & Carson LLP, our Fishers dog bite lawyers are here to help victims recover the compensation they need to make a full physical, emotional, and psychological recovery after any type of unexpected animal attack. Call us today at (317) 434-1490.

Dog Bites & Indiana’s Strict Liability Law

In Indiana, our laws favor the victim of an animal-related incident. If the victim is bit by an unprovoked dog, they are usually compensated fully for any damages they incur. The owner of the dog is liable for the damages to the victim even if they had no prior knowledge of the dog being violent or being involved in any violent incidents prior to this one.

Generally, the victim is compensated by the dog owner’s home insurance company. Indiana has a strict liability approach to the owner of the dog. This means the court will find in favor of the victim without them having to prove much. Even trespassers may still be compensated depending on the situation.

The damages a victim can receive from a dog bite range from fixing lacerations, plastic surgery (depending on the location/severity of the bite), and counseling. A court may compensate a victim on any cost they incur as a result of seeking emotional/psychological counseling.

Even though the actual injury from a dog bite is not life threatening (usually), it can still be a hassle for the victim and a long-lasting recovery process. Let our Fishers personal injury attorneys help inform you of your rights and guide you through this stressful process from start to end. Click here to contact us today.

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