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Judge Dismisses Motion to Unseal Grand Jury Evidence in Kaiser Case

Around mid-March we posted this blog about one of our clients, Brandon Kaiser, who allegedly shot two judges in self-defense during an early-morning brawl outside of White Castle restaurant in Indianapolis on May 1, 2019. On April 23, 2020, Marion County Judge Shatrese Flowers denied our motion to unseal testimony and evidence presented to a grand jury last year.

In his motion, our founding attorney Mario Massillamany argued that the protective order sealing the information – which includes a surveillance video of the fight – interferes with his ability to interview people regarding the early morning events and circumstances that led to our client’s arrest.

Objecting to our motion, Prosecutor Ryan Mears’ office argued that sealing the grand jury testimony and evidence doesn’t prevent us from investigating what happened or interviewing those who were involved or witnessed the event. However, we believe keeping this evidence sealed inherently hinders our ability to conduct an independent investigation

Our client is currently facing multiple felony charges based on evidence that remains sealed and unseen by us, and that may have implications for his defense and the pursuit of justice. The surveillance video, which itself may contain evidence supporting our client’s self-defense claim, has never been released to the public.

The two judges our client is accused of injuring that night – Clark County Circuit Judges Andrew Adams and Bradley Jacobs – were briefly suspended by the Indiana Supreme Court for their involvement in the brawl. Despite allegedly inflicting severe injury upon our client and facing multiple of his own felony charges, Judge Adams plead guilty to misdemeanor battery and received no jail time or probation.

Both he and Judge Jacobs have since resumed their duties in court.

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