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Kaiser Claims Self Defense in White Castle Shooting

Mario Massillamany, founding attorney of Massillamany Jeter & Carson LLP, says his client shot two judges in self defense during a May 1, 2019, brawl outside of a White Castle restaurant in Indianapolis.

The early-morning altercation began around 3 a.m. when Brandon Kaiser attempted to pull on a locked door to the restaurant and was allegedly approached in a hostile manner by Clark County Judges Andrew Adams and Bradley Jacobs – who Kaiser would eventually shoot – and Crawford County Judge Sabrina R. Bell.

According to a later disciplinary ruling by the Indiana Supreme Court, the judges were at the White Castle after drinking in their hotel room and discovering that a strip club they originally intended to visit was closed.

Before the judges approached Kaiser and his nephew, Bell raised her middle finger at them allegedly in response to something they yelled.

When the altercation began, Kaiser was thrown to the ground multiple times while being beaten and choked. At one point during the assault, Kaiser was allegedly kicked in the head by Judge Adams while Judge Jacobs held him down.

Kaiser made repeated attempts to escape his attackers, but the force used against him was too great. Fearing for his life, Kaiser drew a firearm and shot Adams and Jacobs to stop their attack.

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