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Indianapolis Man Driving Honda Accord Destroyed By Falling Chipotle Sign Hires Massillamany & Jeter LLP

(Indianapolis, IN) – Mike Ford, who sustained injuries when his car was crushed by a falling Chipotle sign during Saturday’s wind storm, has hired Massillamany & Jeter LLP to investigate the incident. During Saturday’s severe wind storm, the Indianapolis man stopped at a Chipotle restaurant when the restaurant’s sign blew over and crushed the Honda Accord he was sitting in. According to witnesses, the man was thrown from his vehicle and suffered a laceration to his head that required stitches. He was interviewed by several local and national news agencies about the incident. The extent of his physical injuries remain unknown, and he is still attempting to calm his nerves according to his attorney, Massillamany & Jeter LLP Founding Partner Chris Jeter

“Mike is shaken up, as anybody would be,” Jeter stated. “He suffered a laceration to his head and what appear to be some other minor injuries, but he is frankly lucky to be alive,” Jeter added. Witnesses say the thrust of the sign crashing on the car threw the driver out of the car and that the only reason he survived is because he was leaned over as he was opening his door to get out. “There is no doubt that Mike would not be with us today had he been sitting upright in that car,” Jeter added. According to Jeter, the early investigation suggests that the sign may have been previously damaged. “Our initial investigation suggests that the sign had previously been backed into by a car and may not have been completely or properly repaired,” Jeter explained. “We will be looking into what happened and what claims may be available to Mike,” he concluded.

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