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Boating Safety Makes for a Sweet Summer

Summer is starting, which means that boating season is here! This time of year, the weekends are normally always packed with trips to the beach to go boating and spend time outside soaking up the sun and swimming.

This summer there will likely be even more weekends spent doing these activities given that the Coronavirus has severely limited activities that can be done indoors. While boating is an extremely fun way to spend the weekend, it is important to take the proper safety precautions to ensure that the weekends stay fun and accident-free. Keep reading for a few tips on how to keep your summer sweet and safe.

Safety Tip #1: Always Wear a Life Jacket

While out on the boat, one of the most important safety precautions to take is for everyone onboard, including adults, to wear a life jacket. The United States Coast Guard statistics for 2018 showed that drowning was the cause of death in four out of every five recreational fatalities for 2018 and that 84% of those who drowned were not wearing life jackets. These statistics alone show the importance of ensuring that everyone on the boat is wearing a life jacket.

Safety Tip #2: Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Paying attention to all of your surroundings is also an important safety precaution to take. Being a distracted boat operator is just as dangerous as being a distracted driver on the road when driving a car. If you aren’t paying attention to your surroundings you run the risk of causing an accident that could injure yourself or others.

Along with paying attention to your surroundings, it is also important to travel at safe speeds. If you aren’t boating in an area that you are familiar with, make sure to look up the local boating speed zones so you know what speed is safe to go.

Safety Tip #3: Never Drink and Operate a Boat

The last important tip is to never operate a boat while under the influence. Not only for your safety, but also because it is illegal. See IC 35-46-9-6. Individuals operating a motorboat with a BAC level of 0.08% or higher are subject to a citation for operating a motorboat while intoxicated.

Make Boating Safety a Priority This Summer

Summer is the best time of the year and nothing is better than going out on the boat with family and friends during a hot summer day. All of us at Massillamany, Jeter & Carson care about your safety and the importance of being diligent in ensuring you are smart and safe while out on the boat. If you follow the safety tips mentioned throughout this article you should be sure to have a smart, safe, and sweet summer while out on the boat.

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