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Massillamany & Jeter LLP Files Reverse Discrimination Lawsuit Against Finance Of America Mortgage

(Indianapolis, Indiana) – The Fishers-based law firm of Massillamany & Jeter LLP filed a federal lawsuit on June 30, 2017 against Finance of America, LLC, one of the nation’s largest mortgage lenders, alleging reverse discrimination against former employee Brian Kane. Kane, a top producer for years at finance, was fired last summer for making a social media post on his personal Facebook page which was critical of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Kane was a top producer who had seen several promotions and was even touted by Finance’s Chief Executive Officer at a company meeting as someone other employees should emulate. Kane claims that he posted a message on Facebook which was critical of the Black Lives Matter movement and was swiftly disciplined by a minority employee in the company’s human resources department. Kane claims that other minority employees made similar racially-charged posts but were not disciplined, and that a recording Kane took of a conversation with his boss reveals that Finance was terminating him only to satisfy its minority employees.

“Brian Kane was a top producer who had been promoted throughout the company and touted as one of its top young stars,” said firm partner Chris Jeter. “In our country, you cannot discriminate against employees based upon the color of their skin, regardless of what their skin color may be,” Jeter added. This lawsuit is an attempt to make it clear that discrimination comes in numerous forms and that no society should allow any version of it. The lawsuit was filed in federal court in Indianapolis, under cause number 1:17-cv-02266-JMS-TAB.