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Chipotle Sign Meets Customer, Up Close and Personal

(Fishers, IN) Mike Ford recently retained Attorney Christopher Jeter, Partner at Massillamany & Jeter LLP as representation seeking damages for an incident that took place in a Chipotle parking lot. Ford is seeking compensation for emotional and physical damages sustained during the incident. The lawsuit filed, under case number 49D03-l 609-PL-032830, will be heard in Marion Superior Court No. 3.

On April 2, 2016 Mr. Ford entered into the parking lot of Chipotle located at Nora Corners Shopping Center 1560 E. 86th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46240. He parked near a large brick sign associated with the commercial property. Mr. Ford alleged that he shut off his vehicle after parking and upon opening the door to exit was surprisingly struck by the brick sign. Mr. Ford was said to be complaining of tremendous pain in his head as well throughout his entire body after striking the pavement. According to bystanders, Employees of an adjacent business, placed ice on Fords head as he attempted to apply pressure to stop the bleeding while waiting for paramedics to arrive. The injuries listed include; a concussion, cuts, and scratches. Mr. Ford also alleges that his car was totaled due to the brick sign crashing down on it. RTV6 released pictures of the car on their website following the incident. (P JCS: Chipotle sign falls onto car, driver manages to get out, RTV6,­car-driver-manages-to-get-out, September 28, 2016).

It was reported that there were strong gusts of wind on that day, causing damage and power outages across Indiana. According to on lookers, there was a loud sound followed by an individual, who would later be identified as Mr. Ford, shooting out from a car onto the pavement. Those individuals were not immediately aware of any injuries but intervened as the noticeably the large brick sign that had just been standing now resided on top of Mr. Fords Vehicle.

Chipotle Services, LLC is a national chain based out of Colorado and is named in this suit because they maintain the retail space. Also named in the suit is BCJGNORA, LLC., which is the Indiana based limited liability company that owns the real estate property. The suit also contends that Eclipse Real Estate, Inc. is also at fault and is the commercial real estate firm responsible for the management of the property. Mr. Jeter states, “my client could have easily lost his life on that eventful day; fortunately, he did not. However, my client has suffered physically and emotionally, as well as financially, due to the Defendants failure to ensure that the property was maintained and used in a manner necessary to ensure public safety.”