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Massillamany & Jeter LLP Celebrates Its One Year Anniversary

(Fishers, IN) – Massillamany & Jeter LLP is celebrating its one-year anniversary today. On April 1, 2015, former Barnes & Thornburg LLP associates Mario Massillamany and Chris Jeter set out to start a new law firm in Hamilton County. Headquartered in the fast-growing City of Fishers, the two sought to bring high-quality, big firm legal services to small businesses and everyday people. In one year, the Firm has acquired over 200 clients, hired two staff members, and doubled its office space.

Partner Mario Massillamany remembered the nervousness and excitement of the early days. “Chris and I sat around looking at each other thinking ‘will the phone ever ring’” he recalled. “The Firm opened on April Fool’s Day and we just hoped the joke wouldn’t be on us,” he added. Chris Jeter recalled how their nerves were quickly quieted with the outpouring of support. “The phones did ring, and they continued to ring at a pace that made us realize something special was happening,” Jeter said. “It was tough to take the leap, but we knew we had a good partnership,” Jeter added.

The two partners make it clear that they are just getting started. “We have not even scratched the service,” Jeter said. “We intend to continue growing while maintaining the high level service that has attracted our clients.” Massillamany vowed to stay connected to the community. “Sponsoring events and being a good community partner is important to us,” he said. “We live and work here and we will always remember where we can from,” Massillamany concluded. It was a good year, but the best may be yet to come. “We are just getting started,” Jeter said. The Firm intends to celebrate their one-year anniversary quietly with a formal dinner for attorneys and staff.