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Since our founding in 2015 in Hamilton County, Massillamany Jeter & Carson LLP has quickly earned the reputation as one of the leading criminal defense law firms in Central Indiana. By providing high-quality legal services and practices, our firm has developed a loyal base of clients who benefit from our competitive pricing, efficiency, and knowledge. Yet at the same time, our growth reflects a cutting-edge knowledge of the law and a sophistication that makes us as discerning as our downtown, big-firm colleagues.

Our small-firm approach benefits our clients by allowing us to operate in a cost-efficient manner with a small staff and the highest level of personal and attentive services. Our clients know that they are important to us and that we will strive to understand what they want and need in any given situation. Our Fishers criminal defense attorneys work hard at the onset of a relationship and through the different phases of every case to understand our clients’ goals, and we strive to attain each and every one of them.

Total Commitment from Beginning to End

Through our collaborative approach, our clients receive the benefit of using our collective proficiency as well as an appropriate allocation of resources at every stage. Our defense attorneys — many of whom hold leadership positions in legal, charitable, and community organizations — possess professional credentials and track records that speak to their many years of experience.

Our team-oriented approach relies on our depth and diversity in legal knowledge. By being proficient in many different areas, including criminal law, family law, and estate planning, we can handle the most complex legal matters. Our success is strictly due to meeting or exceeding the legal needs of the individuals that hire us. Give our Fishers criminal defense lawyers a call today.

What Does a Criminal Defense Lawyer Do?

A criminal defense lawyer is a legal professional who specializes in defending individuals or organizations charged with criminal offenses. Their primary role is to provide legal representation to their clients throughout the criminal justice process. Here are some key responsibilities and actions that a criminal defense lawyer may undertake:

  • Legal Advice: A criminal defense lawyer advises their clients on their legal rights, options, and potential outcomes based on the specific charges they are facing.
  • Case Analysis: They thoroughly analyze the facts and evidence related to the case to develop a strategic defense strategy. This may involve reviewing police reports, witness statements, forensic evidence, and other relevant documents.
  • Negotiation: In some cases, a defense lawyer may negotiate with prosecutors to reach a plea bargain, which could result in reduced charges or penalties for their client. They advocate for the best possible outcome on behalf of their client.
  • Court Representation: A defense lawyer represents their client in court proceedings, including arraignments, bail hearings, pretrial motions, trial proceedings, and sentencing hearings. They present evidence, cross-examine witnesses, and argue legal points to defend their client's interests.
  • Legal Research and Preparation: Lawyers conduct legal research to understand relevant laws, precedents, and case strategies that may apply to their client's case. They also prepare legal documents, such as motions, briefs, and appeals, to support their defense strategy.
  • Client Advocacy: Defense lawyers advocate for their clients' rights and interests throughout the legal process. They ensure that their clients are treated fairly by law enforcement, prosecutors, and the court.
  • Investigation: Lawyers may conduct their own investigations to gather evidence or witness testimony that supports their client's defense. This could involve hiring investigators or experts to assist in building a strong defense.
  • Appeals: If a client is convicted, a defense lawyer may handle the appeals process to challenge the conviction or sentence based on legal errors or new evidence that could impact the case.

Overall, a criminal defense lawyer works diligently to protect their client's rights, provide a vigorous defense, and achieve the best possible outcome in their criminal case.

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